EC103 is a 3-way stereo, 4-way mono channel divider. These electronic crossover from your multi-amp’s sound system, the sound quality is excellent; the price, musicians enough to bear.

Crossover point on the output, the precise fixed variable, 18dB octave Butterworth filter Wolf prevent extremely high or low crossover frequency of the output point, by repeatedly copying crossover frequency, to ensure good drive Protection

At 40Hz, electronically embedding a 2-pole high-pass filter

On the front panel, using a switch, variable low frequency output plus the total output for a monaural subwoofer applications is very favorable

EC103’s rear panel stereo and channel operations clearly do have a logo, remove Mono total output of all the low-frequency output on the EC103, including phase reverse switch also has a logo

Divider Type: 3-way stereo, 4 mono (EC103)

I / O interface: for balanced / unbalanced connections 1/4 “top – ring – tube headphone jack

THD Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.006%

SNR:> – 90dB

Filter types: 18 db / octave fixed variable order Butterworth filter Wolf

Frequency Divider – Stereo: the low / middle two ranges 50Hz ~ 50KHz, medium / high 750Hz ~ 7.5KHz

Mono: low / low to medium range within two 50Hz ~ 5KHz, low to medium / high to medium: 750Hz ~ 7.5KHz; high to medium / high: 2KHz ~ 20KHz

Input impedance: Unbalanced 20Kohms, balance 40Kohms

Maximum input: + 21dBu (ref: 0.775Vrms)

Output Impedance: 102ohms

Maximum output: + 21dBu (ref: 0.775Vrms)